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A Parent’s Grief: Coping with the Death of a Child

The natural course of life is that a parent passes on, and their child grieves their passing. The antithesis of this is not only the most unnatural, but the most devastating for everyone affected.If you’ve experienced the death of a child, then the grief you’re experiencing will be a lifelong process of getting through, rather than getting over. While a...[ read more ]

Yes, New Fathers Suffer from Depression Too!

Having a baby is an event that typically brings a lot of joy and excitement for couples. However, roughly 60% of new mothers suffer from postpartum depression (PPD), with symptoms being either moderate or severe. Fortunately, PPD is a common health issue with much discussion and content outlining the symptoms and treatment.What’s not commonly discussed is that new fathers can...[ read more ]

What story do you want to tell?

While reading Better Decisions, Fewer Regrets: 5 Questions to Help You Determine Your Next Move by Andy Stanley, I came across this question.  As I consider this question, my focus shifted from making decisions to thinking about my story as a wife, mother, and therapist. The story I want to tell and want told about me, especially by my son, is...[ read more ]

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